Herbalife – International Business – Is This Legal?

Is Herbalife a scam or is this a legal business opportunity? The reason for my doing this review was the fact that I wanted to look at a home business opportunity and did some background research on Herbalife to see if this was a suitable opportunity. Through the tragic death of his mother, who had desperately tried to lose weight and died through medication for weight loss, this set Mark Hughes on his quest to find a safe way to lose weight for many others. Herbalife International was founded in 1980, by Mark Hughes. Since then it has expanded and is now available in over 65 countries worldwide. They have over 1 million plus distributors who work both online and offline selling the products direct to clients. Herbalife is a direct selling company. Herbalife shares (HLF) are listed on the NASDAQ.


Quality controls behind Herbalife products are always in place. Their raw materials including botanical ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers around the world and are manufactured in accordance with established quality standards. Herbalife suppliers and manufacturers are obligated to follow Herbalifes written procedures that are verified by periodic audits and inspections. Two clinical studies using Formula 1 have been conducted at leading universities bringing creditability to these products.

Compensation Plan

It is relatively simple to become a “Supervisor” level distributor. When you become an Herbalife distributor, you are a basic “Distributor” and can earn your way towards 50k President level. It may take many years to get to that level. You gain levels by selling products and gaining volume points. Volume points for most products are equal to the manufacturers recommended selling price of the product and are based upon the US dollar value of the products.

Training and Support

Herbalife encourages team work and as such there are strands of different teams within Herbalife who all work to the same company ethics, but each strand develop their own training strategy for their teams. Trainees are also expected to attend a monthly Success Training Seminar (STS), these are held regionally in all 65 countries that Herbalife operate in. There is online training documentation and videos on the main Herbalife website for new distributors.


After researching Herbalife International, I found the company to be a genuine proven business opportunity that empowers people to achieve their dreams, financial freedom and the rewards of helping others. The products are true to their word and have proven to be first class products which provide weight loss and weight management results. With over 1 million distributors worldwide and trading in over 65 countries globally I made a decision to join Herbalife as a Distributor.

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