Ace Hardy finally releases his first music video of the year

Ace Hardy finally drops his first official music video for the year, titled Fall Back. There seems to be two different versions for this video, one being a musical and the other being a music video. The musical starts off with a women named Rosy, who’s on her computer in the process of shutting it down to finish the conversation she’s having with Ace and the crew. She explains to Ace that he took another small hit losing $150,000.00.

Ace seems to be ok with that, but not his associate. Ace’s male associate challenges Rosy by explaining to her that $150,000.00 is no small hit at all. Rosy replies with “you win some and you lose some” she then get’s up and leaves. Shortly after, Ace receives a phone call from someone explaining to him that Rosy is not who she appears to be, and that her real name is Carla Hernandez. Carla Hernandez has been repeatedly stealing money from Ace, and covering it up with reasons relative to Ace taking that previous 150k hit.

Ace appears to be in disbelief by the news that he’s receiving, and explains to his crew that it’d be best to think it through, from the looks of it they weren’t in agreement with that. Ace then decides to ask them “who can you love and who can you trust in this life?” being the chorus of the song. The music video proceeds, and in the end, there’s a nice surprise of the woman that appears to be Ace’s right hand, meeting with Rosy (Carla Hernandez) for a drink.

This music video is definitely a great way for Ace Hardy to start off the summer. It’s not hard to tell that a lot of thought was put into this video, and many can relate to the struggle between love and trust. The website for Ace Hardy is finally up as well, check it out.

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